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#i feel like we’re seeing the real zayn here #that’s not melting gold #that’s zayn’s human form melting away to reveal the real one #i have no doubts that zayn is actually made of gold

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#this is it. this is zayn’s superhero narrative. #punk kid scientist who reads mysteries on his downtime hears of some mystical alchemical miracle treasure buried #deep deep in the desert where not even fucking carrion go #it’s a treasure that only the gods’ chosen are able to find and legend has it that they are never seen again #that once they find it either the sun fries them on the desert floor leaving nothing but a trail of calcified bones and dust #or that the gods take them into the heavens where they live forever; blessed and beautiful for eternity #he goes and he finds the treasure - gold dappled by sunlight so bright it blinds him but still he crawls in the sand and dips his fingers inside it and it is the most ecstatic feeling #for a second he knows what icarus knew as the sun soldered his skin and withered the wings off his back #for a second he knows infinte victory and glory and beauty wrapped in stars and sublime terror #and he’s never seen again.

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One Direction - Steal My Girl (4 days to go)

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08.24.13 | zayn trying not to laugh at louis  (◡‿◡✿

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